Booking Your Driving Lesson

When booking your first driving lesson, all you need to do is.......

Call, text, email or use the get in touch page.

Arrange a time and day that suits you.

Begin your training.

Its as easy as that!

I strongly recommend that during your training you do either of the longer driving lessons. There are huge benefits to this. A single driving lesson will seem to pass really quickly, while 2 hours can seem a bit much. 

In my experience, pupils doing the longer sessions are also likely to pass 1st time.

The average time to pass doing a single lesson is approximately 9-12 months, however doing the longer sessions, the approximate time would be 6 - 9 months.  

So I have priced my lessons so that it is financially beneficial to get more car time.

60 minutes...........£34

Block of 10 @ £330

80 minutes...........£45

Block of 10 @ £440

Personalised gift vouchers are available at your request, for any occasion.

For more information about driving lessons in Dundee, please do not hesitate to contact Signals Driver Training today on 07912861878 or complete the form on the "get in touch" page and I will get back to you ASAP.